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A power of attorney can provide security and continuity to business transactions, medical directives, personal financial obligations and other legal matters. We highlight the scope and importance of this powerful legal instrument. Read More
Have heard about the new data protection and privacy law? The GDPR provides an insight into the new data protection and privacy for business. Find out how you can implement it. Read More
As Souqalmal celebrates it's six birthday, Ambareen Musa speaks to EntrepreneurME taking a look back at its journey funding and growth. Read More
In early October, Souqalmal, a UAE-based financial and insurance aggregator, announced it had raised US$10 million to expand and move ahead of the pack. Read More
Going green will help the earth and as well as save you big bucks too. Environment friendly ways of doing business can give a revolutionary and polished image. Here are few ways your business can actually save big bucks by going green. Read More
Fuel prices are dependant on international crude oil prices. UAE has cut around 10 percent of their oil export in last two months in line with the OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ) agreement. Read More
Increasing the possibility of meeting the right people at the right time. Here is a drop-down list of November events happening in Dubai. Also, with the Flag day celebration falling on November 2, the month gives a lot of reasons to be happy. Read More
Young entrepreneurs are taking the business world in bulk more than any preceded time before. Recent studies have emerged to look into what makes young individuals potential entrepreneurs of the future. Read More
“Entrepreneurs”, and we're not talking about high-end managers and company partners. We're talking about your mid level employees and the majority of your workplace Read More
Thinking of setting up your own business in the UAE? Find out more about visas, documentation, travel options and office space. Read More
Don't know if your business idea is viable or not? Ask yourself the right questions & use effective tools to assess your business strategy. Read More
The foundation of your business online is a great domain name and an informative website. In this article, we give you insight into web hosting and what you should bear in mind when choosing a domain name. Read More
We take a look at the various funding and support options in the UAE for Emirati and expat business owners. Read More
A business plan can help you define objectives and answer key questions about your business. Find out important components of writing a business plan. Read More
Different free zone/ mainland structures to consider when starting in UAE, from LLC & sole proprietorship to branch or joint-stock company. Read More
Merchant accounts and payment gateways: how to process online payments as a UAE business, from Network International to 2Checkout and PayPal. Read More
The Wages Protection System (WPS) and Funds Transfer System (FTS) have become standard in the UAE to ensure timely payment of wages. Read More
If you are an expat, you will need a residency visa to live in the UAE - but what visa options do you have if you want to work? Read More
Don’t despair about health insurance for staff, says ResNet World's Saahil Mehta - SMEs can benefit as a collective from corporate rates. Read More
With a large variety of the UAE’s free zones each offering something different, it’s important to calculate all of the upfront costs before making a decision. Read More
A business current account is key to manage SME cash flow, and offers features such as trade/ remittance rates and multiple currencies. Read More
For SMEs looking to open an account, sign up for a business credit card or take a loan, Islamic banks work differently to conventional ones. Read More
For the founder of a small to medium enterprise (SME), sourcing funding to help grow a business is a tricky road to navigate. Read More
While most of us are familiar with personal credit cards, for the owner of an SME, a business credit card is a slightly different concept. Read More
Every SME needs a cash injection to finance new equipment, a commercial property, or short-term funding.This guide explains different types of loans offered to SMEs in the UAE. Read More